Growing and Shipping Watermelons in the U.S.

About us

Healthy Harvest Farms LLC grows and ships high-quality watermelons in the U.S. We’re a family-owned company that’s committed to ethical, sustainable farming practices. Our food safety-certified farms are located in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Some of the Varieities we Grow

Nunhem’s 800s

Oval, elongated watermelo with wide, dark stripes.


Excellent fruit size potential. Attractive, deep red, firm flesh with small pipe. Strong vine growth. Large, oval shaped fruit with crimson striped appearance.


Large, seedless watermelon with high fruit quality, oval shaped fruit, and a vigorous vine.  Uniform fruit shape.  Disease resistent and improved fruit set for high yield potential.


Troubadour features a fresh dark rind, and a uniform oval shape. It sets reliably with stress and has extra-firm sweet flesh.


With our sweet, juicy watermelons, the possibilities are endless! Gather inspiration for your next watermelon dish with our favorite recipes. We love making our delectable watermelons the star of the dish, we’re sure that you will, too.
At Healthy Harvest, quality is key. We consistently produce high-quality watermelons with natural, industry-leading solutions for insects, weeds, pathogens, and soil health. Scrupulous inspections from our team members further ensure that each melon is up to our quality standards.
Our farms are all food safety-certified. We’re committed to upholding local, state, and federal food safety standards.
As a family-owned company, we understand our environmental responsibility for future generations. At our farms, sustainable agriculture practices are non-negotiable.

How AND Where We Farm

Healthy Harvest’s quality, safety, and sustainability practices are upheld everywhere we farm. With locations in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, we produce in-season watermelons throughout most of the year.